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Professional barber artist currently residing in Detroit, MI  by way of Boston, Mass. 

I am a Michigan Barber School alumni, also a 5x award winning barber who has been barbering over 10yrs now ,I specialize in very detailed and precise hair-services and hair art. I take pride in my work and customer service. I believe if you look good you feel good, I also believe legendary customer service is very important not only will you gain a loyal customer, you potentially build friendships that turn into great relations. I am  the face of my brand "CLIPUP" which means to Create Lead Inspire Pray Unify Prosper and it doesn't just represent  barbering but to all who believe in themselves and what they offer through what may be a gift or talent.

The passion behind what i do is that the service i provide will bring a joy to oneself and togetherness through the service of a haircut. My passion runs deep because i believe God has given me this gift not only to produce great quality haircuts but to share positivity, to be a listening ear, to motivate and encourage, to be an example of hope, to learn ,to teach, also to give sound advice and fundamental principles to  thousands of people I have come across and will encounter in this industry. I’m a firm believer of God and my faith has carried me through this career path that I was set on.

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